Lets Talk unhealthy Ends

When it comes to hair Extensions and wigs its not uncommon to find unhealthily hair strands, especially when its 100 percent human hair. If you think about your own hair you’ve defiantly have had a few or more in your life time, Am I right? Majority of women have this idea that damaged ends in your wigs or bundles means the hair is no good, so they usually don’t wear it or throw it away and I’ve never understood why. Think bout it ,they come from human beings who experience hair damage just like us. If you were to find some damaged ends on your own head what would you do? You would probably make an appointment at the salon or just take some shears and go to town cutting them babies right off. Now I'm not saying its okay for you to buy hair from a company that has unhealthy hair, by all means if the bundles or wigs are just severely damaged sis get your money back! But if its just a few strands here and there just do what I do…CUT IT OFF. We all experience unhealthy ends that’s why its important to wash and condition your hair and make that hair appointment to get a trim every 6 months or so. But I say all this to say don’t let damaged ends stop your new look. Cut an inch or 2 off and rock it honey.

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